Take full control of your concrete operations

Save time and money with the easiest and most mobile portable concrete production plant on the market.

No more waiting on concrete deliveries.
No more time wasted on lengthy transportation.
No more expensive heavy equipment.

Control your projects with a multifunctional concrete plant that sets up within a single working day.

Blended Equipment Solutions offers a selection of fully mobile concrete production plants, backed by comprehensive training and customer support.

You’ll be able to produce as much concrete as you need, on your timeline, without expensive transportation costs or stressful wait times.

From truck-mounted production plants to horizontal silos and more, Blended Equipment Solutions has the tools and training you need for control over your projects.

Contact Blended Equipment Solutions to learn how you can take control of concrete production and move at your pace.

Mobile really means mobile

Blended’s truck-mounted and truck-hauled production plants can be set up within one working day. That means they’re not just portable, they’re actually mobile.

You’re used to portable concrete plants that can take over 72 hours to fully set up. They almost always require cranes, special equipment, and expensive personnel and transportation just to get the plant assembled.

But with Blended Equipment Solutions concrete plants, you can have production completely set up and running on the same day.

You’ll have the power to drive up to the worksite with the equipment you’ll use to produce concrete, for jobs as small as driveways and as large as parking structures.

There are no other concrete plants like the ones from Blended Equipment Solutions. These are tools you need to see for yourself.

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One Plant, Many Products.

A mobile plant gives you the power to create exactly what you need, at your own pace, to your own specifications.

Cold Asphalt
Cementitious Mixtures
Colored Concrete
Roller Compacted Concrete
Soil Stabilization

Plus, you’ll avoid expensive transportation and hourly wage costs that come with traditional plants, making this a tool that pays for itself.

Get the Knowledge and Tools to Build Your Way.

Blended Equipment Solutions will arm you with all the training you and your team need to start using your portable plant.

The process is easy; it only takes two people to set up a Blended mobile plant. No heavy equipment, no pouring foundation pilings.

Click the button below to learn more about training, equipment, or how to schedule a demo.

Our products

Mobile Concrete Plants

Mobile Concrete Plants

Innovative Solutions

We offer multifunctional plants capable of producing concrete, cementitious mixtures, mortar, and flowable fills, all while reducing overall waste. Additionally, our mobile plants can be tailored to meet your precise requirements.
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High Output Concrete Plant

High Output Concrete Plant

We offer multifunctional, high-production plants capable of producing concrete, cementitious mixtures, mortar, and flowable fills, all while reducing overall waste. Designed for optimal performance and full autonomy, while still remaining easily mobile.
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Keep cement moving at all times. We offer a wide range of silos, available in various sizes and types, designed specifically for storing and efficiently feeding cements and powders.
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SINAK Products

SINAK Products

Elevate your concrete production with SINAK Products. Experience enhanced performance, durability, and sustainability through top-quality additives, admixtures, and specialty chemicals.
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RCC Paving Equipment

RCC Paving Equipment

Discover our extensive selection of RCC paving equipment, designed to meet all your paving needs. With our diverse range of top-quality machinery, we provide the tools necessary to achieve efficient and reliable concrete paving for your projects.
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