Blend E-Series

Concrete Mobile Plants

The Blend E-Series is a multifunctional plant capable of producing concrete, cementitious mixtures, mortar, and flowable fills, all while reducing overall waste. It’s built to optimize mobility, output, and efficiency. Blend mobile plants are available in a variety of sizes, with a wide range of options to meet different production needs.

How it Works

Step 1
First, the portable plant is parked and set up on the job site.
Step 2
Raw materials are loaded into different hoppers and mixed directly on-site.
Step 3
Mixing is then controlled and monitored using an intuitive onboard computer.
Step 4
The E-Series automatically weighs cement and aggregates, doses additives, and adds water to specification.

Maximum Production: 150yd/h

Technical Features

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E-Series Concrete Mobile Plant

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