The Beginning of a Revolution

Two Industry Veterans, One Mission

Experience revolutionary mobile equipment that gives you the power and control
to do your projects better and faster.

As an experienced general contractor and heavy equipment dealer, the founders of Blended Equipment Solutions know firsthand the problems that general contractors go through every day with their heavy equipment.

Determined to discover a better process despite others telling them it wasn’t possible, the founders searched globally for an answer. Their devotion to finding a solution brought them all the way to Italy where they found the revolutionary technology they were searching for.


Who We Are

A Company with the Perseverance and Will to Succeed.


Blended Equipment Solutions never gives up and never backs down. Instead, its devoted team searches high and low, considering unique approaches to find the best solutions for its clients.

Connect With Us

To learn more about Blended Equipment Solutions or to schedule a demonstration of the products in action, give us a call at 1-844-70-BLENDED, or click the button below to fill out the contact form.