High Output Concrete Plant

Elevated Efficiency

We offer multifunctional, high-production plants capable of producing concrete, cementitious mixtures, mortar, and flowable fills, all while reducing overall waste. Designed for optimal performance and full autonomy, while still remaining easily mobile.

No Crane Needed

These are self-loading plant that only takes 60 minutes to set up. It’s easily transported: its weight and dimensions allow it to fit in on conventional transport vehicles (no exceptional transport required).

Whether you’re onsite or in the office, you can remotely control the plant. It’s equipped with GPS and remote-controlled operations that also provide complete management information and stock levels.

How it Works

First, the portable plant is parked and set up on the job site.
Raw materials are loaded into different hoppers and mixed directly onsite.
Mixing is then controlled and monitored using an intuitive onboard computer and remote-controlled management system.
This machine automatically weighs cement and aggregates, doses additives, and adds water to specification.
A240 Silo

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